April 29, 2016

The White Room has opened


As of tomorrow restaurant The White Room will translate under signature of 3* Michelin star chef Jacob Jan Boerma (restaurant De Leest) the elusiveness of white to a pure and honest cuisine. The newest gastronomical addition of NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky has an accessible style, in which respect for the product comes first. Cosmopolitan influences from all over the world are combined in the ‘Witte Zaal’ (White Room) with homegrown ingredients, in which Boerma’s fresh elements can always be found.

‘Mother Nature reigns in my cuisine and I strive to follow her. She defines the quality and I provide flavor. I love to add my personal signature with fresh aromas, acids and spices. These flavors are featured in every dish; either prominent or subtle.’

Jacob Jan Boerma

The White Room by Jacob Jan Boerma

White is everything and nothing at the same time. It’s the color of illusions and simultaneously the color of openness. While balancing between these contradictions, Jacob Jan Boerma paints on a blank canvas with his favorite “colors”. As Signature Chef of The White Room, Boerma introduces his characteristic fresh flavors to Amsterdam. Boerma spreads his wings creating The White Room, without leaving his culinary nest in Vaassen. Together with his team, the chef translates the inspiration he obtains while working in his home ‘De Leest’ to an icon of Amsterdam: NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky.

De cuisine

The White Room brengt een elegante, maar toegankelijke, cuisine die bouwt op producten in hun optima forma. Ze geven samen met Boerma’s kenmerkende zuren en specerijen invulling aan de illusie van wit. Herkenbare smaken keren daarbij op onverwachte wijze terug; zoals in de The White Room macaron, waarbij een suikervrije, gerookte macaron gecombineerd wordt met ongerookte zalm en structuren van komkommer. Boerma wil een breed publiek raken met een stijl die in zijn hart zit. Het team, dat zijn missie dagelijks uitvoert en verantwoordelijk is voor de nieuwste gastronomische toevoeging aan NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, staat onder leiding van Chef de Cuisine Arturo Dalhuisen en Maître Richard Eerhardt.

The interior

Historical restaurant ‘De Witte Zaal’ serving as inspiration for the name of The White Room is undeniable, yet history seeps into the present through more than just the sign next to the door. In 1885, restaurant ‘De Witte Zaal’, Dutch for ‘the white room’, opened for service. Today the space is classified as a monument, and is considered to be the oldest restaurant in Amsterdam in its original condition. The authentic wall-panels, artworks and ceiling ornaments have been preserved to tell a new story. History and future blend through an interior design in which original craftsmanship meets the sleek, clean and almost graphical touches of modern designers. The design by Studio Proof from London celebrates the past of The White Room; the historical details have been enhanced, elegantly melting together with the modern pallet of whites, brass and sand shades. The tables and chic love-seats can serve up to 60 couverts a night, securing the intimate atmosphere of the restaurant. An atmosphere that creates lasting memories.

The White Room adds another chapter to the already rich history of NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky. With a Boerma touch, it’s guaranteed to be a refreshing one.

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